Modeling in inches, then switching to mm

Imperial is my preferred unit of measurement to use, however to make a model for my 3d printer I have to use mm. I found a thread in the forums where jean_lemire_1 shows how you can simply change Model Info from inches to mm. Just curious if anyone has ever had any problems with this, because if not this could be a game changer to save me lots of time converting everything because I just don’t know the metric system off the cuff like I do imperial.

What sort of problems are you having? If you model in inches and then change the model units to millimeters before exporting your .stl, you shouldn’t have any issues. A 1 inch cube should wind up printing at 25.4mm.

Example. Cube drawn in inches. After changing Units to milimeters in Model Info, downloading the .stl and uploading to the slicer, 25.4 mm on a side.

Oh I haven’t had any issues. I was completely unaware that you could do this until checking the forums and found a similar question (I think they wanted to change units before starting a model). But I wanted to see if this should work because I’m about to try it on a 6 hour print and would hate it if the was some kind of issue that ruined the print. Im freaking excited about not having to struggle with conversions lol

Since you’re using the free web version just make sure to change the units before you export.