Modeling Gastown's Steam Clock live with Tyson!

The SketchUp Live team is back from 3D Basecamp 2022 in Vancouver and we are ready to model! Join Tyson as he hops back in front of the camera to model the Steam Clock, a landmark of Vancouver’s Gastown district. Join us, Live on YouTube!

2022-10-07T18:00:00Z on YouTube!

For those who haven’t seen it in person:

Awesome challenge! Good on you Tyson! And if you can get the finished model to blow the Westminster steam chimes as well, even better. Oh wait – maybe that’s a cue for Matt R and his jingles …:wink:


One night, @Lindsey and I had dinner outside at the restaurant across the street on the corner. When we were finishing up, I asked the waiter, “You ever get tired of that thing?” to which he blithely confessed, “Oh, yeah.” He said something about it only being 35 years old, but I don’t know the story behind it. Maybe you guys can explain more of it’s history.

Great idea! I will make up some facts about it to send to Tyson…


Been there, seen that, just a shame I couldn’t afford to be there for basecamp but hey ho c’est la vie.

Better be a good 'un Tyson we’ve got withdrawal from live symptoms.


Hey folks, we’re going live now! The direct link is Live 3D Modeling Vancouver's Steam Clock - YouTube

Aaaaand, here’s the model. Thanks for checking in with us, this one was fun.