Modeling a Caboose Live with Aaron!

Tyson got us started, now let’s see how Aaron does it! More train car modeling with a live-modeled caboose! Join us, live!

SketchUp YouTube channel



This was one of the first books I remember (in Finnish)


If you have time toward the end you should also model a FRED since that would be more appropriate on a train headed by Tyson’s locomotive. :wink:

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@eneroth3 @ene_su

Just saw you on the forum so thought I’d ask if you will be working from diagrams or just “winging it” ala Tyson?
If you are using drawings/images will you be posting them beforehand?

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I don’t have a caboose lying about, so I will likely work off images.
I don’t have the images, yet, though… wait to see if Tyson can send me images of the caboose that goes with his engine.

Thanks, looking forwards to it.

Planning to model something like this…
Caboose 1
Caboose 2

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TVM Just waiting with bated breath! Found the same on google but with elevations and some dimensions too.

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Does your train need wheels?

These are probably a little old fashioned.

But then there’s these more modern ones without the fins on the inside surface.