Modeling an Ornithopter from the upcoming DUNE movie, Live!

We are going to model an ornithopter! We are going to do our best making something awesome from the images we are able to find, but we will need your input!


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It could be fun if @TheGuz tested this version during the fire chat sessions:


Oh sounds great!

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Awesome topic - SOOO excited for this movie!!!

Super cool too because Chris Rosewarne ( worked on the concept design on this one - he had a great presentation on concept art in SketchUp at the last Basecamp!


@JustinTSE found the connection!! Chris is our guest on Firesides Chats next week! This is our unofficial shout out!!


not seen the 'Thopters myself yet… but I hope they actually have the wings right… Lynch or the SF channel didn’t even bother…

Yes because they talk about feathering the “feathers” of the wings when Paul and Jessica are escaping into the storm and are gliding.

I quite like the version from “Oblivion”


why not a “shout out” to the 1984 Atreides ornithopter - although I doubt it will challenge you much


Ron Cobb concept design drawing.


Here’s a bit of a sketch by some Italian bloke to help work out the mechanics of the flapping.


See, cobb (as usual) had the right idea…

There’s a couple quick images in the trailer here -

I can’t tell if the wings flap or they’re fixed from those images, but it’s a bit sleeker than the 1984 version :rofl:

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gawd anything’s better than the 84 version…

and that’s coming from someone that has a softspot for that version… (I’ve read - all - the books, have the lynch movie, the SF Channel versions…)


Lol - I still enjoy that version, but I kind of separate it from the books/“Actual Dune” story in my mind.

Really excited for this one - it might have been mentioned here somewhere, but I always wonder if these trailers make ANY sense at all to anyone that hasn’t read the books or seen the other movies - I don’t envy the Director trying to tell such a complex story in a single 2 hr(ish) movie

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Got to credit here for a VAST array of Thopters - Even a Lego one!

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Use the one from my favorite concept artists

[Alex Jay Brady]

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Hi Aaron,

You should find this guy who made this flying bird!
Looks amazing.

Part of me really hopes it does well enough to continue the series (I only consider Frank Herbert penned books as official series) but man… after the first book, stuff really wanders into weirdness. I feel like subsequent books would NOT pull people into the theatres.

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Totally agree, I suspect only die hard Herbert fans would go to see the follow up movies, unless this new version of DUNE is so good and grabs people who don’t even know the story like the original Star wars movies did. Maybe if that happens people would try another Herbert derived film as well.

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