Live modelling Friday 8th March?

Is there a live event planned this afternoon/evening (MST/GMT)?

I had a look in the Happenings section but didn’t see it, thanks.

It was immediately under your post when I went to the Happenings category.

Screenshot - 3_8_2024 , 8_46_23 AM

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Thanks Dave, when I opened the ‘happenings’ on my iPhone it only showed one entry for Bootcamp Roadshow where I clicked on the words Bootcamp Roadshow and was taken to that topic and there was nothing else, I was expecting a topics list.
I went back and clicked on the word Happenings and that acted as the hyperlink I was after and took me to the full list, where, as you said I found it immediately under my post., DOH.
So, senior moment over and crisis over selection of modelling v pub now the issue!

Ipad=modelling in pub.

Hmmm! Need to swing that by SWMBO.

Another great Live 'Un! Thanks Tyson and Donovan!

And Matt!

I was quite impressed by the complexity of that model, excellent job.