Modeling an organic form in SketchUp Pro

Has anyone ever modeled an organic form like the surface of a cookie? I don’t mean adding a texture or photo. What I am referring to is creating a surface that actually has the texture or relief of an organic shape like a chocolate chip cookie that has cracks, nooks and crannies. This is for a project for my work. Any suggestions or tips is welcome.

My first thought is to use Sandbox Tools or SubD, in conjunction with a rendering program. I have more experience eating chocolate-chip cookies than with either of those apps, however. You can expect a more complete answer from one of the forum sages. Whatever you do, though, don’t aim for photo realism; a sketch of a cookie will be perfectly tasty and you can make it seem pretty realistic in a rendering. It might help if you posted any work in progress.

Thanks so much! I have plenty of experience eating cookies as well. I have no work in progress other than a picture of a cookie. Have not used Sandbox Tools or Sub D, but will check them out. Hopefully you can use in conjuction with SketchUp Pro. Thanks so much!

I’ve never had any chocolate chip cookies around long enough to use them for modeling but I would look at the extensions David suggested and also maybe Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder

I would plan to model this cookie in meters if not larger. If you try to model it at its real life size, you’ll run into issues with tiny faces.

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Thanks so much DaveR I will definitely check Eneroth Fractal Terrain Eroder! I have the same problem with cookies of any kind. They are only replicated from memory as they don’t remain around long enough to really be examined in detail.

Thanks again!

I should mention that the cookie is going to be 3-D printed. I didn’t know that originally.