Modeling a Ring (Circle with a Hole in it's Center.)

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Hi, @artcomputer123
You probably worked a lot more on the model by now and maybe solved the problem!
But for info it did not crash here after moving circle B* to normal place.
All the rods moved up taking the water drop and circles along. But didn’t go back down.
BTW did you study this one: SketchyPhysics Tutorial for Beginners - Chain & Gear - YouTube

  • I did however rotate the circles so they aligned to the axes for easier and more accurate placement. (10,2 degr)

Thanks Piil60,

I downloaded SU2103 32 bits (just in case) but there is no way for me to run the animation with circle B in place (memory issue? I use my Laptop … )

Me too…
And actually newer went further than SP3.1 here.
So it’s years ago using it, but then you presented your models.

So I don’t know about other installation-combinations.


Edit: HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC x64 System: -Windows 7 Home Premium, 6.1.7601