Modeling a cottage live in SketchUp!

Modeling quaint cottage in SketchUp, live! Join us!!


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Um, July 17, 2020? Your wayback machine working?

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That thing is bigger than my house!

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I’ve always wondered about how they thatch those dormers. I’ll be interested to see how you do it, too, @TheOnlyAaron.

How many years of thatch do you suppose it on that roof?

I can help you here, Dave. If that’s in the UK, it will be one of three types of thatch. It’s not Norfolk Reed as that has a much more clipped appearance. It might be longstraw but I reckon it is more likely combed wheat straw, common in the south west.

When you rethatch a roof, you don’t normally take it all off and it is possible that the base layer is original. It’s difficult to know how old the cottage is. It looks old but not very (the windows in the gable don’t look right for very old). It’s what we in the UK would call “chocolate box” style and may well be 19th century.

Now someone will tell me I’m completely wrong!

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watch as Aaron models each individual stalk in the thatch…

Hey Aaron, how do I join this event?

See the first post?

Just swing by your preferred platform the day and time in the original post. We usually start the stream a few minutes before, to give epistle time to sign in.

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Thanks, Dave!

Thanks, Aaron!

If you go to the SketchUp You Tube channel and hit the “Subscribe” button, you should get a handy notification when the stream starts.

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Thanks, Ian! Really appreciate the help. I was subscribed, but the notifications were turned off… all fixed now, I think…

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An un-typical English thatched country cottage. Lots of detailing not normally found on farm workers homes.

More information on this cottage can be found at


And here’s the floor plans…


Some help for those interested in thatching


The room above that exterior door.

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Thatch texture