Ideas for how to model a Thatched Roof?

Good morning all

Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with this sort of thing?

I am modelling a cottage ready to render in Vray but I am a totally lost as to how to model the thatched roof.

I have attached a photo of the cottage itself and would appreciate any inspiration anybody can give to get me started.

I use SketchUp Pro 2019

Many thanks as always.


You can try something like this

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Thanks very much for the quick response mihai.s

That looks really promising.


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Hi mihai.s

Could you let me know what the first extension you used is called please.

I’ve searched ‘Round Corner’ in the Extension Warehouse & I cannot see the one you are using.



Look on sketchucation extension store. Most of Fredo6 extensions are there, not in EW.

Thanks very much for that info slbaumgartner

I haven’t been on that site before - it looks a great site and that Round Corner extension seems to be just the job!

Have a good one