Modeling 80/20 aluminum

Are there any extensions to aid in modeling projects which will use 80/20 aluminum components?
I’m rather surprised that I wasn’t able to find one.

Better ask the manufacturer?
Download skp files:

3D warehouse:

Interesting. Made me do a double take. Any experience to compare 80/20 to Bosch Rexroth? They look the same.

Looking at both the 80/20 website and the Bosch Rexroth (mentioned by @RTCool mentions) site, both strike me as systems consisting of discrete parts that the user can assemble in any way they dream up.

And the available resources are components representing the parts.

Which causes me to ask: What are you looking for in an extension?

Were I to want to use these systems, I’d download the components and start assembling. If there are assemblies that I think I’ll use more than once or twice, I’d likely make components of the assemblies (consisting of placed components supplied by the manufacturer) and save those assemblies as components for my future reuse.

This doesn’t require ANY product specific extensions.

I’ve used 80/20 for a number of years on a variety of projects. I had an ornamental mill in my shop which was made up mostly of 80/20. The First Robotics team my son is on and which I mentor uses it for their robot frames. Don’t know how it compares to Rexroth but they do look similar.

@back40galaxy, working with the extrusions in Sketchup is pretty easy if you make components out of the parts. I don’t see what an extension would do that you couldn’t do simply with the native tools.

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Well… automatically place all the joints at the correct angle for instance. Or, if multiple type of joint are valid for a given connection, let you toggle alternatives. Flexpipe has such an extension where they use steel pipes and connectors (not exactly the same as described in this topic, but it uses the same principles of extrusions and joints). Being able to auto generate these extrusions and joint based on some lines sure was quicker then doing the assemblage with native move and rotate.
There is more info regarding the extension on their website

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Pointing to a free extension that shows the benefits of using an extension in such a system is spam?

Got it.

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No problem. I guess those really interested in such extension know how to find out.

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