Modeling 150 Square Miles of Mountains in Colorado

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TEN OVER MEDIA created short marketing films and images for the pre-opening marketing campaign of River Run, an upscale mountain resort opening late 2019 in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There’s about 150 square miles covered in the 3D environment and everything was modeled using SketchUp Pro 2018. From glasses on the table to the Rocky Mountains in the background (which are actual 3Ds from SketchUp). Check out all the videos here;

Our team translated the property’s brand guide and construction documents into a 3D environment, ensuring the soundtracks, color palettes, landscape and buildings were accurately represented. The film and TV Clips’ storyline aimed exclusively at the audience of the resort; RVers, campers and glampers looking for a basecamp to exhilaration, discovery and the sense of awe and peace that comes with the territory. River Run is the upscale mountain retreat for modern-day pioneers seeking exceptional outdoor experiences.

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Cool stuff. What did you use for the animation/rendering as I’m sure others are curious?

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@eric-s Rendering was done using Lumion 9 Pro.

and if you don’t mind sharing, what did you use to get 150 sq miles of detailed mountains into SketchUp. Or did you bypass SU and do it in Lumion?

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@eric-s it was multiple sketchup models recomposed into Lumion. Models came from a resourceful combination of various plugins and resources online. Texturing was done in Lumion. That’s all I can say :slight_smile:


WOW :smiley: - This was really great - a lot of fun to watch!

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from past experience you can either get DEM files from NASA (of the entire world, but USA at higher res) or patch together multiple google terrain snapshots

Great project, excellent example of multi-tool and multi-plugin usage!

Thanks for the share.

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Really impressive,just wow

Amazing work!