Model views turn black in Layout when updated

I’ve recently upgraded to Sketchup 2021. Opening a Layout previously made in Pro 2020.
Updating the model reference. It should look like this…but upon updating all viewports go black!! Very disconcerting and I don’t know how to resolve it other than quickly shutting down without saving. Needless to say, I also can’t export PDFs of the work while in this quandry.

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got? What’s the graphics card? Have you updated the drivers recently?

Absolutely, will message you with the hightail link shortly.
Had to delete a bunch of sheets to keep the size down.

The screen shot you sent shows you have an integrated Intel 4600 GPU. I expect what you are seeing is related to that. From looking at your LO and Sketchup model file, it seems entirely possible you are over-taxing the card. You might try updating the drivers directly from Intel. It’s not uncommon for broken Intel graphics drivers to get pushed with Windows updates. It’s one of the reasons integrated GPUs are not recommended.

FWIW, I opened the SketchUp file from your LayOut file, did a little clean up and saved it so that LO would have a reason to update the reference. The viewports look the same as they did when I first opened the file and they don’t go black as in your example.

FWIW, I notice that you are using tags incorrectly. Untagged should always be active and all edges and faces should be made untagged and remain untagged. Interestingly you have two tags with the same name which should be confusing.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 6_30_03 PM

Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 6_22_16 PM

I also purged unused stuff from your SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 6_22_59 PM

So try updating the graphics drivers and see if you get a different result.

A little further cleanup resulted in this:
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 6_43_03 PM

And more after unlocking locked objects.
Screenshot - 11_29_2020 , 6_53_57 PM

About 25% LO file size reduction and nearly 28% SketchUp file size reduction.

Thanks Dave,
I’ll look into the graphics card upgrade/update.
How do you run the purges that yield the file size reduction? Native feature or some add on?

There is a native purge feature accessed by going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and Purge Unused. I use a plugin made by the venerable TIG to do the same thing because it also yields the report to show what was pruged.

I used Thom Thom’s CleanUp3 from the Extension Warehouse to Get rid of the more than 2 million excess edges and merge materials.

CleanUp3 is a treat, just downloaded and ran it on the file at my end. Thanks for the tip Dave!

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