Model sales questions

Dear fellow Sketchupers,

I hope everyone has had a great week. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now:

I work in event/environmental design and frequently create, from scratch, venue models for events which I then place a design into (stages, rigging, lights, furniture, etc. I would like to sell the empty, blank venue Sketchup models (i.e.: a ballroom in a Sheraton hotel, convention centers, expo halls, and outdoor public spaces.)

I’m wondering about the legalities involved with selling these models… Is it legal to sell without the permission of the venues? I have seen and purchased models from and thought I could do something similar.

Would really appreciate everyone’s thoughts!


It would be best to ask someone locally in a position to give legal advice. None of us are in that position.


I’m in the US, btw. Not sure if that helps.

Tells me that you there’s no shortage of local legal counsel available to you.


If you want three opinions ask two lawyers !

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