[Model Request] Vosper Thornycraft Motor Yacht

Hello everyone, I love sktechup, but this particular model is beyond my abilities. I’m appealing for an experienced modeler to help me out. I’m trying to get a model of this boat and would appreciate any/all help.

Upload to the warehouse and reply here. Thanks!


(Moved to Corner Bar and renamed.)

Labeling it a “Model Challenge”, does not make it any less a blatant model request.

Do we get a share of the $650k?

So, like @colin and probably everybody else, I wonder …exactly how much is obtaining this model actually worth to you?

All she needs now is, the crews quarters finished and exterior touch up paint job.”
…and a free 3D sales model, made public at the 3DWH of course.

Hmm, such a deal.
She might look rather grand floating in the pond here on the farm.
I’ll check my piggy bank.

By the way, I did look through 3D Warehouse, nobody has done exactly this yacht, There are several that are on the same lines, and maybe they could be modified to make it more like this one.