Model of the Le Touquet Airport Terminal from 1936

Hello everyone

This is my first post here at the Forum and I want to show you at model I am making of the Airport Terminal in Le Touquet in France. The model is of the Terminal as it looked in 1936 when it was first built. I have used photos from that time in Match Photo and built the model from that.
With this post I hope to get some critic of the model regarding the model it self and to hear from others who have experience with modeling using Match Photo.

Here goes. From this Photo I started the model:
<img src="//" width=“690” height=“439”

And here is how the model currently looks from that view:

And another angle:

And the model:

And from up high:

The model is about 70 percent done regarding the modeling of it. Lots of small details to do like doors and windows etc. And of course I also need to ad an interior.
The textures are all placeholders, so that is also still to do.

The reason for making this model is, that I want to put it into a flight simulator. I have not figured that part out yet, but I hope to learn it as I go forward.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day :grinning:

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PS: This video is from an earlier build: 360 view


Here in Finland we have a well preserved terminal from the same period in the older airfield at Helsinki


Thank you Anssi :smiley:

The terminal looks interesting. Are you going to model it? :wink: