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Just call me Rickus as my friends do. Been using ACAD 2000 since, well around 2000! Used it and loved it until recently. Between the flooding, moving, and starting over again here in South Louisiana, I lost my ACAD. Searching around for a replacement to use for piddling around in and my hobby of R/C airplanes, I found SketchUp. Been hammering away at it for two weeks now and can’t believe how powerful it is. Sure makes ACAD 2000 look like I was chiseling drawings with rocks. My wife even sees a difference in my attitude me when I doodling around and doesn’t hear me saying “I wish I could do this or that.” But now I do have a question:
I am laying a horizontal stabilizer out for my next airplane. It is far from a generic shape and I can’t contour/shade it up. It is thicker at the root tan the tip and has curved leading and trailing edges. Did the rectangle, rib profile, and then extrude it. After I scaled the tip but can’t understand (if possible) to get the top view shaped out. Anyone with step by step guidance would really be appreciated. I have a file saved with what I have so far and am trying to upload it for anyone to see and make suggestions. If it can’t be done, oh well, I’ll learn work a possible around. Being 59 years old and disabled does give me time to explore things!!!


I think that you have to have a certain number of posts before you’re allowed to upload… in a pinch, you can share the model on the 3d warehouse and then post a link to it here.

Welcome to the forum, I’m excited to see your project!



Oh yeah, good catch!


Hmmm, I probably won’t be posting a lot as my SketchUp usage will be low and is just to help me along with visualizing and making patterns for my R/C airplanes. They do take time to build. But anyway, I did upload a file into 3D Warehouse (can’t get a link location and am working on it) about what I am working on so you can see the question on how to get a “surface/face” on such a multi curved area or surface. Once I understand how to get the horizontal stabilizer done, I will move on the vertical Stabilizer. The leading edges should round out at the same time. Right?


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