Reverse Faces on Complex Objects

Hi everyone,

I’m trying use this plane in Unreal so I need all the faces (normals) facing the correct way. This plane has a ton of polygons and if you switch to Monochrome you can see there’s a ton of faces facing the wrong direction. I tried using the “Automatic Face Reverser” tool/plugin, but that doesn’t seem to be doing what I want. It will reverse faces, but not all of them. Does anyone have a better solution to this? I attached the file I’m working with.


How did you create the model in the first place. Best practice is to stay on top of face orientation as you go. The face face reverser plugins aren’t perfect. Decisions need to be made that the plugins just can’t make. Turn on Hidden Geometry and then select the faces that need to be reversed and reverse them.

I expect you could stand to simplify the model some, too. That would give you fewer faces to deal with.

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You’ve got quite a lot of internal faces, especially in the tail of the aircraft. That’s probably throwing off the “orient faces” option.


Yea I pulled it off of 3D warehouse so I didn’t control the original face orientation. I’m not skilled enough to create vehicles/planes from scratch. :sweat_smile:

Turning on Hidden Geometry actually helped a lot. I turned that on and then used “Scan Screen Region” using the Automatic Reverse Faces Tool.

Appreciate the help!!!

Oh wow, this model is kind of a mess. I’ll have to clean that up too. Thank you.

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I’m glad you said that. I’ve been looking at it more closely and it definitely is a mess. If you’re going to be creating models for Unreal or any other use, I think you’d do well to learn to make them yourself and make them cleanly so are wasting time fixing someone else’s mess.

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