Are there any blue faces/reverse faces plugins?

Are there any reverse face plugins that will reverse all the blue faces all at once instead of me having to click one by one since I’ve been doing it for about two hours?

Several thoughts.

  1. You could use the native tools on a component or group opened for editing, reverse one face, then Right click on that correct face and choose ‘Orient faces’.

  2. You could Select All, then right click and ‘Reverse Faces’

  3. If most of your components or groups are (SketchUp) solids, use Cleanup or Solid Inspector 2 plugins to fix the reversed faces.

And you could try to work out WHY you are getting so many reversed faces in the the first place.

When I select all and clicked reverse faces, it flips reverse but then there’s still blue faces. The model was made in Blender and I imported it in SketchUp to convert the model, so that’s why I asked if there were any plugins to fix this fast

Is ‘Orient faces’ no help with this? And you can do a multiple select to pick many reversed faces at once, then ‘Reverse faces’.

Cleanup will work on non-solids, I think.

Oh okay. Wow, I can multiple select? How would I do that, maybe that will work faster.

Read up in help about using the Select tool (space-bar). Use the mouse to drag a selection window left to right to select everything wholly inside the window. Drag right to left to select everything inside, AND anything partly inside the window. Hold Shift and click to add or remove what you click on from the selection set, or use a selection (L-R) or crossing (R-L) selection window again with Shift to add or remove more multi- selections.

Hope that helps.

You should be keeping up on correct face orientation as you go. With correct modeling methods reversed faces shouldn’t happen all that often and you should be correcting them when they happen rather than leaving them until late in the modeling process.

Yeah and okay.

Alrighty then.

I thought that too, Dave, but he’s importing from Blender and getting the reversed faces with the import.

If “orient faces” doesn’t fully work, I’ve found the use of a plugin called “left click reverse face tool” to be handy. Once enabled it allows you to click on any reversed face you can see and it will reverse it, it also sees through groups to make that process easier too ( so you don’t need to edit a group to get to the geometry.)
Also worth noting ( as you may be aware) that unless everything in the model is a solid there can be single faces that you might reverse but then seen from another angle appear to be reversed and so reversing it again is an issue from the original perspective.