Model is disapearing

I am a new user , working with sketch up on a Mac.
Many time, the model I am working on is disapirning when I am pointing any tool on the model.
Would appreciate some help.

Maybe you could share the SKP file. That would give us some hope of helping you.

Bathroob children , orit boazUntitled 3~

enclosed is the sketch up model.

I am not seeing any files attached to your post, can you try attaching it and posting it again?

You are on a Mac; you can drag the file onto the reply window to post it on this forum (provided it is <3MB).

Bathroob children , orit boazUntitled 3~~.skp (223.5 KB)
Hello , attached is my model.
Thanks .

I don’t see anything disappearing with the model when am working with it. Can you identify exactly what you are doing when it disappears? there are some hidden components.