Mitering tube steel


I am working on a project using the tube steel components from the 3D warehouse The tubing has rounded corners, which I want to keep for real-life fidelity. But I think its the round corners that make it hard to miter. I want to produce a 45 degree cut, but can’t figure out how. In the image, how can I remove the part of the tube above the plane? The corner sections remain connected through the plane, and so I can’t simply erase the top part. Or what is the best way to do this, anyway?


If your tube and plane are in the same context, select the tube and the plane, right click and use intersect faces with selection.
Then erase unwanted geometry.

I reckon it’s worth pointing out that some other possibilities can be achieved with the follow me tool.



Alternatively, have a look for some plugins that allow for “Boolean” operations. I have used these successfully in the past.


Thanks a lot! This helped me a lot.


Another approach.
I have not checked the warehouse and do not know what quality there piping models are=> do they meet ANSI standards?
The plugin engineering tool box ( see extension ware house) has a extensive list of models ( pipes, flanges, tees etc,etc) that do and can be inserted directly in you model as components. As such their definition is invariant when scaling, moving, rotation so you can use the same item in numerous places in your model. For your case you would have to make it unique or the edit would affect all cases but, then in can even be used in other places as noted above. You can even use the SU cutting plane to make cut , it has the option to make the cut a group so it can be easily intersected and the cut removable. Word of caution the section plane cuts across the full extent of your model so use it wisely.
Just some different thoughts.


What is the “SU cutting plane”? Do you mean section plane?


YEP, that is the one he means