Miter Extrusion

Miter extrusion.skp (1.6 MB)
I am trying to miter cut extrusion that I have.
I am able to make all the pieces as solid, however after I trim one side, It then is not a solid.

Any suggestions?

I don’t see any currently unsolid bottom level groups in your model but there are a lot of short edges in the radiused corners which could be problematic with the Solid Tools or even using tools like Intersect Faces.

If you scale the model up by a factor of 100 or 1000 you might have better luck. If you’d use Components instead of groups you could use the Dave method.

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Like @DaveR, I see only solid groups with the exception of the single one that nests three others - a group containing nested groups will never be considered solid by SketchUp. Can you point out which group or groups you believe are not solid?

Also, since there are repeats and mirrors of structure and size in the top, bottom, and sides, I would second the recommendation to use components so that you only have to trim each distinct one once and the others will follow along.

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FWIW, since the horizontal piece shown selected here is already mitered on both ends and is a solid object, I converted it to a component. Then I copied it to the left end and rotated that copy 90°. After making it unique I edited the components, selected the mitered face and moved it up to shorten that piece to 24 inches long. Then I used the Flip tool to make a copy of the short one at the right end of the long one and the Flip tool again to make the bottom one from the top.

At this point there’d never be a need to cut those miters again for that extrusion unless you needed some angle other than 45°. You could keep one instance of the extrusion as a component in a local collection and adjust the length with the Move tool as needed when you use it in the future.