Mistakenly bought two licenses for Sketchup Pro 2023

I have mistakenly bought two licenses during the cyber sale… I thought that the first purchase was not processed so I repeated the purchase only to find out on my Purchase History that I have bought two licenses… how can I cancel the last one and have the charges refunded to the credit card I used? please help…

you’ve got 14 days after buying it to cancel it.


so don’t wait :slight_smile: it’s all in the link above

thank you so much… appreciate it. :pray:

When you fill in the contact form, make sure to sign in the same way you did when placing the order. I couldn’t find your orders with either your name or email, you may have signed in with a different email address. For example, if you signed in with Apple, and chose the hide my email option, signing in the same way will make sure support are looking at the right account.

@ArkiJan : please update your Forum profile with the latest info, this helps us to help you better and faster…