Missing segment - faces

Hoping there is an easy solution to this. I want to create the faces for the missing segment. (see attached) Please help!! thanks

Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 13.23.10|522x500

I’m going to guess you used pushpull on two sides, when follow me would go around the corner for you.
But it’s hard to tell just from a screenshot, attaching the model helps us help you.

Thank you. I am an absolute novice, only a few days in as you can tell.

I think the file is too large to upload.

Does this help with what you want to do?

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It does indeed!!! Wow! You’re worth your weight in gold my friend

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There isn’t enough gold for that.

Your model shouldn’t be too big, you have probably filled it with stuff that you have looked at and deleted, but deleting doesn’t remove everything.
Get in the habit of purging your model, Window/Model Info/Statistics and click the button Purge Unused.
It would also help if you filled in your profile correctly, 2021 isn’t an OS and Unknown isn’t very useful for diagnosing problems with graphics.

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It’s not that rare. My value in gold would be about 5 million Euros. I thought it would be more expensive.


thank you I will update my profile.

i heard of an app called Eneroth face creator - but I couldn’t get this to work on my version of Sketchup.

my version is Version 21.1.298

Face creator will create faces wherever possible, but the edges need to be there for it to work. It can’t create the structure of the corner for you, there are other extensions that can. Curviloft, Extrusion Tools to name just two.
You need to understand the underlying structure of the geometry. Faces don’t just form, they are skins between supporting straight edges and are only flat. Everything in SU is made of straight edges and flat faces. There are no curves in sketchup, only illusions of curves. Everything is faceted to some degree or another, SU will ‘smooth’ the visual look of those facets, but they are always still there.
So to go around that corner you need a network of edges that form wedges and triangles and then the faces can form. Go to the View menu and tick Hidden Geometry and look at the rounded corner and you will see the edges that make it work.

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