Missing faces/holes from skimp import. Scaling not helping?

Hi! I’ve been trying to import a HQ model of type .dae collada using the extension Skimp. The reason i’m using skimp instead of the standard Sketchup import is because i need to keep the layers/groups information in the model, which the standard import removes (the entire model becomes a single component.

The problem i’m having, which i know others have struggled with is the missing faces that appear at curved edges, probably where there are small faces.

The solution i’m finding for this online is to scale up the model in Blender or similar and then import and scale down. but no matter the size i try in blender the imported model in Sketchup is identical. (I’ve tried to scale by a factor of a 1000x and it made no difference other than becoming impossible to view the entire model at the same time.)

The way i’m scaling it up in Blender is by increasing the scale of everything in the scene and mouse drag scale it up untill it’s x times bigger.

Any help/tips on how to solve the problem?

At 100% quality:

At 10% quality:

Skimp import settings:

Does the model look ok in Blender?
Does the DAE model exported from Blender look ok (you can use MeshLab to check)?
Have you tried to simplify the model in Blender, using Decimate Modifier, and import that with Skimp (without simplifying it again) ? If you enlarged it in Blender, before applying the modifier, don’t forget to apply the new scale (Ctrl+A > Scale).
Have you tried using another importer, maybe Universal Importer or Transmutr?

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“If you enlarged it in Blender, before applying the modifier, don’t forget to apply the new scale (Ctrl+A > Scale).”

The what now…? You need to do that?
Holy cow that did it…?
I feel like i’ve tried to scale it 1000 times in 100 ways, and i haven’t “applied” the new scale???

Thank you very much, this seems to be the solution i was looking for!
I’ll also check out the universal Importer, since if that does the job without needing a scaling detour through Blender AND is free then that would be everything i need and more.