Mirroring and joining trouble

I’m stuck trying to mirror and then join a component.

I’m making a 3/4" center panel for a cabinet and need holes for drawer slides and pins for each side.

I make my panel, add the holes I want, push the panel down to 3/8, move/copy, flip the new panel on its axis to mirror it and move to attach the new panel. At this point, I can push and pull various parts and have it mirrored on either side. My problem is that I now have a centerline between the parts that I need to remove to make the component one single 3/4 panel. How can I join this so I can still make a panel that can be edited on both sides.

My follow up question: I have a left and right panel with the same hole pattern. They are made into a component that mirror adjustments just fine. My center panel is slightly different, since it has two sides and an additional dado. Is it possible to make it a component in the same group, and be able to unlock it from the group temporarily to make edits to it that don’t copy to the other panels, and be able to go back and edit all components as usual?

I appreciate it.

How about sharing the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got? That’ll make it much easier to give you the right answer.

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I don’t want to share the file publicly, can I send directly? Im not in a place where I can edit the file down.

You don’t unlock a component from a group, You need to double click the group to enter its context that probably contains the three components : left panel, center panel and right panel.

Then you can double click a component to enter its context. Once you do that, you can edit the component.

If the right and left panels are mirror copies, editing one shall edit the other.

For your center panel, if you want to keep the two halves separated as individual mirror copies, you need to hide the junction edges and probably delete the face that these edges are forming. Of course, if these are also the left and right panels, they will be modified. You probably don’t want this to happen.

As pointed by Dave, posting the file can help in giving you more precise help.

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I sent you guy a file.

As of right now, the center is separate from the left and right, it was more of a curiosity in optimizing workflow. It only takes a second to remake a center based off of a left or right. It’s the joining of the left and right to make one solid component that is difficult. I can delete the seam lines in the middle of the object and redraw a rectangle to join the parts, but that isn’t an elegant solution. And it seems to break my ability to mirror changes on both sides of the component.

I just replied privately and returned the .skp file to you.

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Dave and Jean, thank you both.