Minimum distance to avoid "flashing texture"



Hi all,

This is a really simple question what is the minimum distance to avoid “shiny or flashing texture” ?

May be theire a trick to avoid this trouble.

On this image the orange texture is 2mm far form the withe structure.


There’s no specific distance. The closer you ( the camera) get, the lower the distance can be to avoid Z-fighting of faces. So it depends on how far away you are from the object.
On second thought, this isn’t Z-fighting of faces in the same plane. The white is bleeding through the orange texture due to the camera distance and ghe viewing angle of the object, all due to how OpenGL works. Increase the faces distance with increasing the camera distance.

p.s. what is the purpose of having the texture on a face infront of the white (default) face?


If you import the texture ‘as image’, Sketchup will treat the imported material different then ‘as texture’. The material is grouped and will not Z-fight with the face it is placed upon.


Thanks @MikeWayzovski for your answer.

Its kind of sad to see that this trouble is alive since along time, and Sketchup don’t try to solve it.


Considering it’s an OpenGL thing, it isn’t a problem for SketchUp to solve.


Its your point of view. nobody force to send all information to openGL, no force to use Opengl, Are this trouble existing on other sofware (like Rhino?)? I don’t know.

I see someone very important in Sketchup (I wouldn’t tell his name) explain to Skalp team, that they will never exit any solution to fill section. It was 4 year ago.
Skalp do it, …
Sketchup too, …

Modest dream create modest project.
Basic informatic solution will create basic software

At the begining Sketchup created the mighty push/pul, the follow/me, link with google map,earth, street view, 3Dwarehouse.

Now time have past, how can you innovate when you choose to stay simple ? by solving basic problem

Displaying texture is something basic, a current trouble for all people that are using Sketchup to design structure and detail.

Yes, if you draw the carpentry in Sketchup, and look the youre roof from the sky , you will see the structure.
Yes if you draw this wall for event in fabric, you will see the structure, …

That’s why, tonight, i’m sad about Sketchup dev.
And its hard to fight again filling


Not only OpenGL. With all 3D calculations, you cannot go on infinitely, there is a limit to the accuracy. It happens with all 3D software. I saw this first about 30 years ago when doing hidden line perspectives in AutoCad - lines near surfaces that should have eithet been visible or hidden were erroneously missing or showing through.

You who seems to know, what other cross platform 3D engines do you recommend that do not have this problem?
Microsoft’s alternative (DirectX/Direct3D) is Windows only, and, yes, this happens there too.

Yes, in Rhino too.


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