Minimal Polygon Design

Additionally, we use our fog lights all the time to blind others. The high beam headlights are meant for signalling others that you don’t like something in their behaviour, especially if they are observing the speed limit.

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I was gonna say perhaps flat thick armoured panels are gonna be much cheaper to make, but that seems like a rather serious comment for this thread :slight_smile:

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The “speed limit”, of course, is merely a suggestion or a guideline which is mostly ignored.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fond memories of minimal polygon games…

I wonder what NCAP rating that would get today?

Are you eating peacocks over there now?

Once again the forum rules have stripped me of the ability to rely.

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I was trying for this effect …


… which is clearly why I stick to mechanical non-organic forms :wink:

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It is very safe because it is so slow that it is never there at the time the accident is supposed to happen.
Mine, around 1980:


Sounds like Schrodinger’s Car. Not sure I would like to take a side impact in one.

They were very good in snow, funnily enough. And for transporting livestock in France, naturellement.

I am happy that I didn’t have to take any impact in mine. But it was a fun “car”.

What render software did you produce this image in?

I used KerkyThea.

I once saw one collide with a Mercedes Benz. The doors flew off the 2CV. The driver jumped out, put them back on, and drove away. The Benz wasn’t even scratched.

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I can too! made this for my father for Christmas but didn’t want to publish photos before he got it.


And I bet he put it in a special place on his desk.

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I don’t think he has a desk but last time I saw it it was on a sideboard in the living room.