Mini Viewport for Scenes


Backstory: I do a lot of rendering and I am constantly composing scenes with trees, furniture, etc. For example, I place objects around and then press Scene 1 to see how it’s looking overall, then I go back to flying around placing or moving objects, and then repeat this process until Scene 1 is looking how I want it.

Feature: What I would like is a little external viewport either on another window or in frame that gives me a live feed of a chosen Scene. Then I could place objects in the editing viewport like normal and not have to constantly revert to Scene 1 in order to gauge how the composition of the scene is looking. I am sure this would have many uses beyond my own and could be incredibly useful to be able to split perspectives like working in perspective but being able to see it on the mini screen as parallel, which is similar to what is already possible in Rhino.

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