Minecraft & SketchUp

I am surprised that we don’t have as much Minecraft library/community in the 3D Warehouse and the forum for SketchUp.

As I got a bit into Minecraft with my kids, it was really interesting what I was able to put together to set the scene in SketchUp.
I got most of the things from 3D Warehouse. But had to create some new ones along with modifying textures as some of them were not the most up-to-date textures.

I’ve also done render in Enscape to see how it looks like with some Raytracing.

I’d be up for making some more assets.
Is there someone who may be interested in this? :slight_smile:


What a fun project! I don’t have a use for it right now, but I do love MC so who knows… some day… :slight_smile:

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Looks great!
Would be useful to have an up to date 3D Warehouse Collection.

I used SketchUp quite a lot to plan some MC builds.

A very useful plugin for that is Voxelize: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation
Can make a solid group into blocks.

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Using a model from Sketchfab

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Wow, this is awesome.
I had looked around to find something like this too.
Will give it a try!

What software are you using there?

Looks like blender.

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Hi Kim,

I used Blender 3.4.1 with BlockBlender (Requires Blender 3.4+) and for exporting to Minecraft, the addon BlockBlender to .schem.

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How interesting.
Thank you so much for sharing this!

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You’re welcome, Kim!

About two days ago I remembered that I wanted to learn how to create models for Minecraft, and now that you brought it up, I searched and found out how. :wink:


That’s a cool way to blend Minecraft and SketchUp! It’s surprising there isn’t more crossover in the 3D Warehouse, but it’s great you found a workaround.

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Oh, a few more results I hadn’t included.

Ah, Minecraft. That takes me back. Many aspiring developers got their start with Minecraft mods and many designers got their first taste of 3D design work with it too. Seeing the creativity that young students have when they are given a set of tools always makes me smile. I have no doubt that there are at least a few professional designers or programmers out there that got their start in Minecraft.

It is neat to see what can be done with a nice render and some assets from Minecraft in SketchUp.