SketchUp to Minecraft


Hi there,

This video shows how to integrate SketchUp and other models into Minecraft:

Let me know what you think…


This is great! We are going to post this on social media…



Thanks Alex

Looking forward to hearing about this : )

Got great feedback on twitter from @sketchup too-

Regards, Paul.


New book available on Amazon in both print and kindle versions!

Rapid Modeling for Minecraft™

My new book expands on the resources in the above video, showing how to access/ create 3D models and bring them into Minecraft, and providing an exercise on recreating the famous Castle Neuschwanstein.

Here’s the printed book.

Here’s the Kindle book.

Short intro: SketchUp is useful for so many things- even for creating Minecraft worlds. Paul Lee’s new book shows you step-by-step how to place just about any model in 3DWarehouse and other sources into Minecraft. The book comes with the companion video and online resources. Here’s a chance for all you Minecraft enthusiasts to explore your inner architect…

If you could review this book I would really appreciate it- In exchange I will send on some more resources to download.