Middle/Right Mouse Button for Android Tablets?

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 android tablet with Sketchup Web running in a web browser and it works fine using a connected bluetooth mouse with the left button. But, the middle and right buttons don’t work (which I believe is a native Android issue). When I run Samsung Dex on my Tab S6 (which is Linux), I get the right mouse button support back (context popup menu), but the middle button press doesn’t do anything.

Has anyone got the middle/right buttons working on an Android Tablet? Are they any tricks to making this work? Thanks.

Hey @cohoman,

SketchUp for Web doesn’t support model editing on a tablet device. You may actually be able to get a lot done using SketchUp on a tablet with a keyboard, but we can’t recommend using one for the time being.


Thanks for the reply, Mark. That’s really unfortunate, because having a web-based CAD program lends itself to be used on portable devices like tables and phones. I know the middle/right button issue is inherent in the Android OS, so until they fix it running such applications from a web browser will always be problematic.

Likewise I am frustrated by the lack of middle scroll wheel button support on the iPad Pro for zooming and panning. With the new better iPad OS support for mouse and keyboard input the lack of middle button support feels like the missing link to really fluid and efficient web modelling. It’s so close and would be a real game changer for mobile working. The graphic performance, interface, and general speed are so good…