Method to get sketchup geometry including images to Revit

I have a Sketchup model containing a cylinder with an image “wrapped” around it (it’s a soup can). The image was imported as a texture. I want to get that Sketchup model into Revit with the the image in tact. How could I accomplish this?

FYI this User Guide page has a table of the import & export file types, with links to help articles.

Some of these exporters export textures to separate files in a folder with the same name as the geometric data file.

I would say that your best option is to create the cylinder in Revit and apply the image on it as a decal. Revit uses solid geometry and its support for faces like those created in SketchUp is patchy. Besides, curved SketchUp surfaces imported into Revit lose their smoothness and all the edges hidden in SketchUp become visible. At least they did when I last tried it. Basically I have given up using SketchUp to create objects to be used within Revit.