HELP! sketchup to revit

I am really struggling with getting sketch up models to work in revit. particularly with rendering images and materials. Am In wasting my time? should i just be building models in revit?

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Check out Helix from EvolveLab.

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Honestly man, generally your wasting your time.
Revit and sketchup use completely different modelling systems. So while sketchup can translate revit models via DWG outputs, going the other way doesn’t work very well. So its not really a sketchup issue its a revit issue.

You could try the IFC route by assigning IFC parameters to each sketchup element but I have never personally tested it.

Why would you use revit for rendering anyway? It is terrible. Slow, difficult material control. poor output.

Translation is slightly better if your SketchUp model consists of solid groups or components, and you use DWG as an intermediary format. That will lose all SketchUp -applied materials, though. Revit cannot smooth the “curved” surfaces from SketchUp, the edges of every face will display.

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