Method for "folding paper" off axis?

Was hoping to model a Dodecahedron (don’t ask why)…
Does anyone have a way to rotate this green face about the common edge it shares with the red face (coincident)?
(It does not align with red greed/ blue SU axis.)
Also, any other tips for creating Platonic solids in SU?


Click and drag the rotate tool to set the axis of rotation.
GIF 3-01-2024 2-47-34 PM


Check out this post (which also links a video @TheOnlyAaron did on making a dodecahedron):

Make three golden rectangles, one perpendicular to each of the three main axes, and then just connect the corners.

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Thanks! Not sure why I could not lock onto this axis earlier…

Try my extension Polyhedra from SketchUcation Extension Store (NOT the Extension Warehouse).

PS. Read the documentation for the extension on the SketchUcation site. That has examples for a couple of polyhedra, and links to other articles on constructing them.

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