Meta Quest 3 and Sketchup Usage Query

Meta Quest 3 and Sketchup Usage Query

Can I view and manipulate the cut sections when I am viewing a model with Sketchup VR viewer in Meta Quest3 ?

I don’t have a good model loaded to fully test this, but on Quest you can change between scenes, so you could go between scenes with the section cut in different places. There also is Outliner, and you could find your section cut and hide it.

I don’t think there is direct manipulation of the position of a section cut. @Aristodimos would know if there is, and also would be interested to hear your use case.

Thanks @colin, I would like to be able to manipulate the cuts directly but the options of recorded scenes with cuts and the outliner may solve my needs, for now!

The VRSketch option ( is a versatile option, it works more like an extension of the modeler in VR and not just a viewer.

Hi @JorgeArq

We currently do not support section planes.
Can you share some screenshots of your model with the section plane scenes (or even from VRSketh) so we can better understand what you are trying to visualize and why having section planes in VR would be important to you.