Merging skp and skb

Hello I’m a new user of Sketchup. I thinmk my question is very easy to answering.
I have two file concerning the same building, one have a skp extension and the second one a skb extension.
And of course I want to merge the two data, what is the way to do this basic operation.
it’s just for viewing the building at the screen,
Thanks in advance,

The short answer is, you don’t.

The *.skb file is the SketchUp model Backup File which by default is created every time you successfully save your SketchUp *.skp Model File.

See this Help article:
Backup Files — SketchUp Help

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if i understand correctly, you’d have to do similar as if you had two .skp files and want to merge them… copy & paste will work… sketchup also has ‘paste in place’ which will make it easy to line everything up (assuming both versions are based of the same locations)

so, select the geometry you’d like to transfer to the other file… ctrl-C to copy… go to the other file then Edit(menu) → Paste in Place

is there a way to retrieve a project using the skb file? i accidently tossed the skp file, but have the skb file still.

rename it to .skp extension

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i did this and it works perfectly, thank you, even though i took a year to get back to you, i guess i was so excited. thank you

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