Medeek Wall

Version 1.4.3 - 05.17.2020

  • Added a blocking tool/module for inserting custom blocks into Medeek walls, roofs, floors or generic groups.
  • Added the Blocking toolbar and icons.
  • Removed the Fixtures toolbar and icons.

Note, that the blocking is automatically retained within the wall, roof or floor assembly after a regen or edit of the primary assembly.

After selecting the first point one can toggle the positioning of the blocking with the “Ctrl” key. There are nine possible positions the block can be inserted at.

The blocking is placed on the framing layer unless the advanced layers are turned on, in which it is placed on a specific blocking layer.

I will be releasing a tutorial video shortly on this new tool.

After putting this new tool through its paces for a few more minutes it immediately jumps out at me that it would be really nice to have a hot key for toggling the rotation (zero or ninety). For other custom rotations the user can simply key in the desire rotation in the menu.

What key should I use to toggle the rotation? I’m already using the Ctrl key to toggle placement location.

Version 1.4.3b - 05.17.2020

  • Added the “Shift” hotkey to the blocking draw tool in order to toggle the block rotation between zero and ninety degrees.

Tutorial 12 - Blocking (12:42 min.)

Would it be possible to add I-Joist as a material?

If modifications such as holes, notches, etc. are created using native tools, is the block still recognized by the tool. And if the native SU commands (delete, cut, move, copy/paste, etc.) are used and the wall is regened, will the block modifications remain?

Also, how is this block tool related to the add Wall Tool>Advanced Options>Blocking? Is there interaction?

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Some very good questions.

1.) Yes, I should add an I-joist block option, not so much a material as a different block type option. I like this suggestion.

2.) The blocking tool is independent of the mid span blocking.

3.) If you edit the block itself with the edit block tool then any custom notches will be removed, since the block is regenerated. However if you edit or regen the wall this does not change any of the custom blocks, all of those modifications will be retained.

Version 1.4.4 - 05.24.2020

  • Added I-Joist blocks to the the blocking module: TJI, BCI, LPI, Red-I, PKI.

My video card heatsink fan died yesterday. I’ve ordered a replacement fan and it should be installed and back up an running by Wednesday. Might be time to think about getting a new PC, I’ve been trying to be conservative with my large expenditures during this Covid thing, so I’m not really excited about the prospect right now, even though normally I would be.

I guess a little break from the code could be blessing in disguise.

Thanks fo adding I-Joist blocks, this is a big help !

Would it be possible to create a new layer dedicated for the blocking tool? Would be helpful to isolate these custom blocks from the mid-level blocks (now on wall-block layer).

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So true. Will provide for some quality, family time (everybody wins!). :grinning: :mask:

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The last two new computers I bought weren’t even for me. My daughter has the newest phone and the newest computer at this point.

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Version 1.4.5 - 05.29.2020

  • Fixed a number of minor issues with the ladder blocking option for tee intersections.
  • Tee intersection blocking is now assigned to the blocking layer if the advanced layer option is turned on.

If you are using ladder blocking for your tee intersections then I consider this to be a critical update.

Version 1.4.6 - 05.30.2020

  • Enabled the “Wall Stretch” tool within the Medeek Wall Tools toolbar.

Note that this tool can be used to either shrink or stretch a wall panel. Instructions for use below:

1.) Select tool (click stretch wall icon)
2.) Select the wall panel you want to modify.
3.) Select either the start or end of the wall panel (red or green circle).
4.) Position cursor to either shrink or stretch wall panel.

Also note that this tool will not adjust adjacent wall panels even if they are connected at the corners to the wall panel being modified. This is by design. I will release a tutorial shortly explaining the reasoning behind this behavior.

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Shrinking a wall:

Stretching a wall:

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Tutorial 13 - Stretch Wall Tool (7:41 min.)

The audio is a little strange in this video, not sure why, I will check the audio out in more detail for future videos.

Version 1.4.7 - 06.02.2020

  • Enabled the “Wall Join” tool within the Medeek Wall Tools toolbar.

Note, that to join two walls they must be colinear and their START and END points must be coincidental.

Tutorial 14 - Join Wall Tool (5:54 min.)

Just a reminder that all of the tutorial videos are listed on the Wall Plugin web page here:

Updated todo list (as of June 3, 2020):

1.) Gable and Shed Walls
2.) Move the Estimating module to the new Medeek Project extension, and further develop this module as it relates to the wall plugin.
3.) Complete the Wall Join tool.
4.) Convert the Window, Door and Garage Door Draw menus to HTML.
5.) Move the Fixtures module to a the new Medeek Interior extension.
6.) Compete the standalone columns/post tool.
6b) Classical columns for the post tool.
7.) Start work on the integrated Medeek Engineering extension, start with window and door headers for vertical loads.
8.) A generic Blocking module.
9.) Transom windows above doors with and without sidelites.
10.) Shear Wall module which will ultimately integrate with the engineering plugin.
11.) Complete the Wall Stretch tool.
12.) Additional door and window types as requested (eg. bi-fold closet doors, sliding glass doors, pocket doors, double and triple single hung windows).
13.) Spend some time on the new tabs in the global settings, currently showing an Under Construction sign.
14.) Presets for Windows, Door and Garage Doors
15.) Making the Window and Door modules work with generic walls, not just Medeek walls.
16.) Multi-layer gypsum
17.) Stair module permutations: U, L, T etc…
18.) Further “idiot” proofing of the plugins: (zero value, nil values, checking for impossible geometry, etc…)
19.) Wall Justification
20.) Interior trim added to Medeek Interior extension.

Highlighted (grey) items have been recently completed.

This list does not include many other minor feature additions and bugs fixes, more details can be found here:

So far this year (2020) I’ve made 30 major revision upgrades to the plugin. Last year was only about half this amount as most of my attention was focused on upgrades to the Foundation plugin, the release of the new Electrical plugin and a concentrated effort on the complex roof module towards the end of 2019.

Always onward and upward.

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