Medeek Wall

Looks like you are (will be) very busy.

Thanks for these great extensions and listening to questions/suggestions!

Does number 12 include patio (glass) sliding and pocket doors?

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It does now.

The customers are what drive these plugins. I do filter the suggestions that I get but by and large many of the features that I add are usually a result of specific feedback from the users of the plugins.

I’ve been tidying up a few loose ends this last week (stretch and join tools) but I would really like to make the final push to get out the first iteration of the gable wall tool. I also am making a big push to migrate the window and door tools to HTML menus with presets, this would make the plugin much more powerful and user friendly.


Will the Gable wall tool include Shed walls as well? I have been using a workaround for these, but with negative side effects.

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Yes, the menu will allow you to select the gable wall type. Initially there will only be two gable wall types: Gable, Shed.

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Fantastic progress.
Really excited for the Gable wall tool.

That + being able to pull some data of quantities and I’m super happy. Let me know what that would take!

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Version 1.4.8 - 06.05.2020

  • Added Quoins as an option for exterior walls.

*** Warning ***
This update is backward compatible with walls drawn in previous versions of the plugin however if you download this version you will be required to recreate any wall presets that you have previously defined.

View model here:

Looks like the algorithm is working correctly even with non-orthogonal walls:

View model here:

Tutorial 15 - Quoins (8:34 min.)

View model here:

The feature is probably not as commonly used in most residential construction however it was an easy add and it has been requested enough times to warrant its inclusion.

Version 1.4.9 - 06.11.2020

  • Converted the “Draw Garage Door” menu to HTML.

At first glance this may seem like a minor update, but in fact it is was quite a major undertaking. I rewrote a good portion of the Garage module so that both the Draw and Edit menus are fully HTML. I also tracked down some long standing bugs with regards to the jamb depth calculation (garage door installation).

This is part of the larger project to migrate all of the draw menus to HTML. I figured I would start with the garage door module since it is used less than the window and door modules and somewhat less critical. I’ve tested the update extensively (both metric and imperial) and it all appears to shake out. If things look good after a few more days I will proceed to update the other two modules.

The HTML draw menu is a significant improvement over the previous legacy menu system.

*** Father’s Day Sale***

In appreciation for all of the hard working fathers (and mothers) out there, and especially during these unprecedented times, I will be offering a renewal promotion on all of the plugins for the next three days (June 12, 13 and 14).

The regular license renewal prices are given below:

License Renewals:
Medeek Truss - $60.00 USD
Medeek Wall - $60.00 USD
Medeek Foundation - $40.00 USD
Medeek Electrical - $25.00 USD

The promotional renewal prices are given below:

Medeek Truss - $15.00 USD
Medeek Wall - $15.00 USD
Medeek Foundation - $10.00 USD
Medeek Electrical - $5.00 USD

This is a very steep discount in hopes of getting as many users to upgrade to the latest versions of the plugins as possible. In the last year, the updates to the plugins have been quite significant. I would very much like to see everyone taking advantage of these updates and feature additions that I have worked very hard to create.

These promotional prices will take affect June. 12, 2020 and end June. 14, 2020. All renewals, prior and after this time frame, will be at the regular prices.

Please note that if you have recently purchased a plugin(s), you can still take advantage of this renewal offer. Renewing your license while it is still active adds an additional year to the license expiration date.

Thank-you for your continued support.

P.S. I will be extending the renewal promotion one day (Monday) since I have had many requests from customers who won’t be back in until Monday.


Much appreciated, thank you.

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Version 1.5.0 - 06.15.2020

  • Converted the “Draw Window” menu to HTML.

I think everyone will find that the HTML menu is a much needed improvement over the previous system.

Working on the HTML for the door draw menu, today.

P.S. Very tedious and boring work to be honest, having to go in and clean up the code and replace the old menu system, but I do think crucial to the overall success of the plugin. Once I’ve got this last menu system converted to HTML it isn’t too much trouble to enable presets for doors, windows, and garage doors. One improvement ultimately leads to another.

Sometimes my path to get from A to B with the development of this plugin has been a little convoluted. It would have been nice just to use HTML menus from the get go, had I been a little smarter and knowledgeable at the time that would have been the direction I would have gone. I guess like the plugins, my skills and knowledge as a extension developer have also slowly matured, hopefully this now translates into better and smarter plugins.

Thanks for the re-working to add HTML menus, really useful.

Any estimate on the Gable/Shed roof add-on?


Version 1.5.1 - 06.18.2020

  • Converted the “Draw Door” menu to HTML.
  • Fixed a bug with arched door sidelites.

Not a glamorous update, but certainly a critical one. The three most important draw menus are now switched to full HTML.

I definitely encourage everyone to upgrade to this latest release and take advantage of the benefits of the new menu systems.

Version 1.5.2 - 06.21.2020

  • Added the ability to create, load and delete window presets within the Edit and Draw (HTML) Menus.

Version 1.5.3 - 06.22.2020

  • Added the ability to create, load and delete door presets within the Edit and Draw (HTML) Menus.

Updated todo list (as of June 22, 2020):

1.) Gable and Shed Walls
2.) Move the Estimating module to the new Medeek Project extension, and further develop this module as it relates to the wall plugin.
3.) Complete the Wall Join tool.
4.) Convert the Window, Door and Garage Door Draw menus to HTML.
5.) Move the Fixtures module to a the new **Medeek Interior** extension.
6.) Compete the standalone columns/post tool.
6b) Classical columns for the post tool.
7.) Start work on the integrated Medeek Engineering extension, start with window and door headers for vertical loads.
8.) A generic Blocking module.
9.) Transom windows above doors with and without sidelites.
10.) Shear Wall module which will ultimately integrate with the engineering plugin.
11.) Complete the Wall Stretch tool.
12.) Additional door and window types as requested (eg. bi-fold closet doors, sliding glass doors, pocket doors, double and triple single hung windows).
13.) Spend some time on the new tabs in the global settings, currently showing an Under Construction sign.
14.) Presets for Windows, Door and Garage Doors
15.) Making the Window and Door modules work with generic walls, not just Medeek walls.
16.) Multi-layer gypsum
17.) Stair module permutations: U, L, T etc…
18.) Further “idiot” proofing of the plugins: (zero value, nil values, checking for impossible geometry, etc…)
19.) Wall Justification (Not sure on this one yet).
20.) Interior trim added to Medeek Interior extension.

Highlighted (grey) items have been recently completed.

I think I will probably wait on the garage door presets, I don’t think those will be used nearly as much as the window and door presets.

A few more monkeys off my back. Now we set our target on number one…

Item #15 is also begging for some attention, but it will wait for now.


:+1: +42

Numbers 1 and 12 are high on my list. I had to put my projects on hold due to editing complexity and side effects of your suggested remedy outlined in this video:

My projects involve non-rectangular perimeter designs with lots of pocket and sliding glass doors. Manually editing gypsum, sheathing, insulations, wall shapes, roof geometry, etc. got to be too onerous. Later edits then resulted in serious cascading problems.

So, most eager, to start using the extensions again.

Keep up the great work !

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