Medeek Extensions for Schools

I’m not sure if this information is out there or widely known so I am posting this notice just in case.

If you are a teacher, professor, academic instructor or a student (high school or university), you are entitled to a free license for each of the Medeek extensions (full versions) at no charge.

In order to take advantage of this offer all you need to do is create an account (client profile) on the Medeek website ( and then notify me via email that you would like a student/instructor license.

I typically will request some form of student/instructor verification and then I will issue the serial number for each plugin (Wall, Truss, Floor, Electrical).

The academic licenses are no different in functionality or features than the full licenses of the plugins. When I issue a license to an instructor, the license can be used on up to 50 machines/workstations. The student serial can be used on up to 3 machines, the same as the regular license.

In an effort to make my extensions more accessible to the student I have also maintained compatibility with SketchUp Make 2017, which is still available for download here:

I also fully support the plugins (via phone and email) for academic customers, however this support is expressly for issues having to do with the plugins and not for general SketchUp questions, training or establishing methods of workflow between SketchUp and Layout.


Please note that the category is still ‘SketchUp for Schools’ which is web-based, only, so it can not run extensions.
Here are the possibilities for school or higher education:

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What category should this thread belong to?

To lure them, I think this is good (wtih the additional tags) :grinning:

I recently gave a presentation at a local college. It would be great if the Extension Warehouse could categorize plugins that have a free student licence for easy search by students. I didn’t know that Medeek Plugins were available at no charge to them at the time. I did however mention your plugin suite as a great Sketchup power tool. The idea of getting this (or any other paid, pro level extension) into students hands in school so they carry it out into various firms after school is brilliant. Keep up the great work!

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This is exactly why I felt I should post this. I do mention the free educational licenses on the plugin pages but it probably gets lost within all of the other information.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for passing along this generous offer for our Edu community. I often travel to teach SketchUp to students and teachers, typically working with high schools, universities, trade organizations and vocational ed programs. I will be sure to pass on the word about your suite of plugins!


I think it is important to provide opportunities for students and do as much outreach as possible. Even if the students ultimately don’t end up using my plugins (or even SketchUp) in the workplace. They will at least have some experience with SketchUp and realize the possibilities and potential that this software (with extensions) has as compared to other competing design products.

Here is a recent photo of Larry Belk (Larry E. Belk Designs) demonstrating SketchUp and the Medeek plugins at a CAD summit in Oklahoma:

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Hey! That’s cool. Larry and I go way back. Good to see him demonstrating SketchUp.

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