Mech Video Tutorial

Hi everyone, I’m new here and hope this is the right place for this post, I just wanted to share my video tutorial with you here. I’m posting the cover along with some screen grabs and Keyshot test renders. - As I’m new I can post only one… I’ll just paste the blurb bellow and check out my trailer I made for it.

Hope you enjoy it


Trailer link
tutorial link

In this tutorial you will see one of my approaches for designing mech, hardware and props for feature films, from “Guardians Of The Galaxy” to the new Bond movie “Spectre” this workflow has proven to be a fast and efficient way to design and concept, not only for a 2D production visual but also with the intention of it being built for filming.

We begin by concepting a mech in Photoshop and I will show you the technique of working orthogonally with the aid of photo textures to generate a bold design with a strong and interesting silhouette. From here we will import the image into SketchUp where we will model the design in 3D, exploring forms and mechanics before rendering various finishes in Keyshot to composite in Photoshop for a final presentation visual.