Measuring lines that are not vertical or horizontal

Hi. I guess this is something basic, but I just can’t figure it out. I’m trying to take measures from lines that are not parallel to any XYZ axe. If I take the measurements the tool always devides it to a one or more lines that are parallel to a XYZ axe. Of course I want the exact measurement of a line so that that’s not what I want. And the tool doesn’t want what I want, so that is very annoying, haha. How do I make measurements from oblique lines?

or select the edge and look at Entity Info panel.

You can also use the tape tool to measure (default shortcut : T) or the text (label) tool

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hi, it’s not clear how you do this, it doesn’t work here.

by the way, how do I draw a perpendicular (construction) line to an oblique (construction) line?

What exactly it’s not clear, and what exactly didn’t work?

Select the edge and look at the Entity Info panel.
Or right-click on an axis and choose Place.

once you start drawing your line, the down arrow will circle through parallel and perpendicular modes

simply how you take that measure from that oblique line. what tool do you select and what are the preferences,…? whatever I try, I always end up with a measurement that is vertical or horizontal.

You might consider dimensioning a single stave something like this. I didn’t put as much taper into it as yours but…

643.0 is the length of the stave face and 643.3 is the length of the edge. For the angled dimensions make sure you are getting the magenta dotted line following the dimension as you drag it out. That may require orbiting the camera to look at it from a more appropriate angle.

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