Dimensions for something drawn on an angle, not 90°

As you can see i have drawn a square to round, when i try to put dimensions on all lines they are not coming out as a true dimension because of the angle of the line (eg not 90°). When i use the measure tape its correct but because of the angle it wont allow the dimension tool to snap parallel to the line.

Please help.

Use the ‘Axes’ tool to change the drawing axes.

For any edge: (change the axes as follows with the tool selected)

  • click the new origin on one of the edge’s endpoints
  • set the red axis direction by clicking on the other edge’s endpoint
  • click a third time on this same endpoint. (for green axis direction isn’t that important here)

Now with the ‘Dimension’ tool selected, triple click on the edge. This will give you the appropriate dimension that you can then drag out. And rotate about the same edge if wanted.

Reset the axes by right clicking on an axis in empty space > select ‘Reset’.

Thanks very much Wo3Dan worked perfect! :smile: