Measure tool

The tool is not locking on the edges of the object to get an accurate measurement. Its a 2D image

As in an imported raster image? There’s no reason to expect the Tape Measure tool to snap to anything in the image. There’s nothing in an image to snap to.

What exactly are you trying to do? Share the .skp file.

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i’ll upload a file with a 2d tree. Each time I apply the measure tool, I can’t snap the tape on the edge of the image to be able to extend to both sides, and the tape lands on various places getting inaccurate from 50" to 80" heights. It seems the settings might be out of adjustment such as edges or outlines.
tree.skp (7.4 MB)

I need to know the measurements for replacing out new old objects with new objects before I process old objects out with new object (replacements),

First of all, it’s not an image. It’s a component with faces and hidden edges. If you want the Tape Measure tool to snap to edges you first need to make them visible. Do that with View>Hidden Geometry.

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Right, I forgot about the technical term of “components”. I just applied the measuring tool on the edges after referring to View>Hidden>Geometry on the menu. And it works good ! The measurements are accurate and the results are same each time applied. thanks