Measure tool accuracy!

I am trying to follow a video tutorial about modeling a cabinet and am trying to model the door frame that has a groove. Following along with the tutorial, I need to make a 3/8 groove to match a router bit.

When I click on the measuring tool the little measuring tape has a little purple diamond shape which gets in the way ( visually ) while trying place the starting point!

Is there a way to remove that little purple diamond shape?

Thank you!

If the inference point on the Tape Measure tool is too large, zoom in. You can’t get rid of the inference markers.

Maybe you don’t even need the Tape Measure tool. When I need to create a groove as in a door rail or stile, I copy one of the edges parallel to the groove. For a 3/8 in. wide groove in a 3/4 in. thick style, I’d copy the edge over 3/16 in. times three. Erase the center one and push in the face. You could also copy the edge over 3/16 in. then copy the copy over 3/8 in.


Thank you for your response but I should have been more specific, in the video tutorial I am trying to follow the instructor is showing how to import an image diagram of an outline of the router bit and his tape measure tool doesn’t have the little purple diamond shape! I did zoom in but it was still difficult to start where I can follow the tutorial and stay on the edges of the pattern! Router%20Bits

He’s using an older version of SketchUp.

I used the image you shared and traced the profile. I set up guidelines to identify the important parts of the profile The inference marks were never in my way. I’d be curious to see the tutorial you’re trying to follow.


Like @DaveR explained, zooming in would make it easier to point to vertices (green or blue diamonds) or edges (red). If zoomed out to far, it only ‘detects’ larger objects like faces (purple diamond)

The tutorial is a part of a disc I bought on Amazon “Woodworkers guide to Sketchup”. The instructor in the videos was tracing the pattern to the right of the actual bit that you traced. The image to the right, appears to be not as crisp of lines and corners.