Maybe something simple.. I need to copy an object sideways but it doesn't stay in the lines i want!

Hi people,

This is my first post at the forum.I am Ed and I am working with Sketchup for about a year now and i am working on some project for way too long. I think that i can step up my game to learn to do faster.

So my problem is that im drawing a road that has a bend to the left. so I also have white stripe that separetes 2 strokes from each other. THE moment the bend begins im having problems with the copy rotate. I don’t know from where to start to get it perfect between the lines. here are some pictures beneath. Can you guys please help me out ?

thanks in advance !!

May be this.

thanks for the tip ecati ! but isn’t it possible without extension ? ill try your link and bring you guys up to date if it worked out ! thanks again Ecati !!

Measure the road width, select middle surface of road, use offset and type road width/2 for a centre line, use offset for width of center lines

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