Max number of scenes

Hi, I was wondering about the maximum number of scenes I can create in a model.
I need to create around 1000 scenes or even more.
Is it possible to do this without creating problems to the file, like movement difficulties, lag in the model?

I’m not sure there’s a limit to the number of scenes but it’s the geometry and textures that are mostly responsible for the lags in the model.

What in the world are you doing with 1000 or more scenes?

I need to search and find texts in the model, did you know another method to do that? I’ve not found the apposite tool.

What kind of texts are you searching for?

What is this “apposite tool” you are looking for?

For an animation project a few years ago, I wrote a Ruby script that created hundreds of scenes (I don’t recall what was the largest number). This was with SketchUp Pro 2018, which worked fine.


I created 1,080 scenes without any problem.


I put a lot of label/texts (or whatever you want to call them), and I want to quickly find them in the model like a CONTROL+F. I’ve not found a method to do that, so I thought about creating an apposite scenes for each label and then quickly find them with the “research scenes tools” (the magnifying glass near the first scene). Do you know a more effective and faster method?

I don’t believe there’s any way to search through label text like that. sounds like the sort of thing you should be doing in LayOut instead.

Yes I’m exactly looking for that Layout feature on Sketchup Pro, unfortunately there isn’t…

A few years ago (6?), I had architecture student who made a visit video for their final presentation. It was a rough video, no fancy render, and they provided VR aswell (they were the geeky students)

I can’t remember how long it was, they did it by slicing it in chunks of ±300 scenes. They had about 10 files.
It allowed them to render the video on several computers at once (and a crash would only handicap one chunk), then reattach it all and added text and overlay in première.

I’d be curious to know if there is an actual number.
Same with groups / components in fact, is there a limit to nesting them ? like Matriochkas ?

I meant you should be adding the labels in LayOut, not in SketchUp.

I understand but I don’t need Layout for my business.

OK. Never mind.