Math in the VCB


Yes. This is a simple request. As I am a kitchen designer and draw cabinet. I would like to be able to move a panel say 1000mm less 18mm so I would like just to type 1000-18 and press enter. and sketch-up would do the math. ok this is a simple example but there are load of times I want to move something less or more and don’t want to get my calculator out when I am using a computer. This should be standard. computer are meant for this sort of thing.

Calculator in SketchUp

Or even remembering the last typed dimension of a HIGHLIGHTED component or group with say Alt+Ctrl then one (1) through, say five (5) or for how many different placements or sizes you need. You can do it with Dynamic Components or with creating a scene for each new position, BUT… The time savings of this would be assume and could be in a sense controlled like the Undo//Redo. Where you do a Alt+Ctrl keyboard shortcut to “set dimensions” with the F1 thru F12 as assigned choice`s and then Enter to select.

The push/pull tool will remember the last dimensions and same with move/copy.
For an array of a rotated copy I start the copy then backspace and type 360 and Enter. Then I backspace again and divide it as many times as I need to with as many different numerators, backspacing each time to get the copies or line segments I need. So it does have a foot in the door as to your request…Peace…


I’m almost certain Google SketchUp had this feature when I first used it back in 2009. Maybe it was removed?