Calculator in SketchUp

I also support this topic - btw there are already two posts about this, although it seems different users see different things in it:

(link) Math in the VCB

(link) Math in the measurement status bar

In my opinion, simple 4 operations and parenthesis would cover most needs. Main cases where I observed that such a feature would be useful:

  • modeling from a sketch made on a site survey (you often need to add/substract measures taken on site to obtain the exact values needed to create the objects in SketchUp)
  • distributing objects with a given thickness (e. g. 2 pillars of 20 cm width within an opening of 5 meters, to get 3 equal intervals between each element you need to calculate [ 500 - (20*2) ] / 3 - similar applications in other fields like woodwork, furniture, etc.)
  • calculate the scaling ratio of an item to reach a given target value

@genki_tt Strictly speaking, the ‘/’ in SketchUp generates multiple copies of an object equally distributed along a distance (it does not just calculate the result of a division). But the link is very interesting, I’ll have a closer look - do you know of any reviews about it?

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