Numerically create and edit objects


Hello. I’m sure there’s a way to, say, edit a box by selecting it and simply typing in the exact dimensions you need it to be. Similarly, to directly create any object numerically instead of manually. Even Adobe Illustrator offers that, so it must be present here. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it, nor any hint on it in the tutorials I saw. If anyone could please point me in the right direction? Thanks.


No, there isn’t without using an extension or writing your own code…

have a look for the Shapes extension and see how far that gets you…



There is a way to numerically set dimensions, by just typing the desired numeric dimension while using an entity-creation tool. For example to draw a circle that is 10 units in diameter, activate the Circle tool, click (and release) to set the center point, begin to drag out with the mouse, and then simply type “10” (you can add a units notation if you want, such as “10mm”) and press Enter. As you type, the text will be echoed in the little Value Control Box (VCB) in the lower right of the SketchUp main window.

Note that you do not need to (in fact, cannot) assign keyboard focus to the VCB by clicking in it.

Another example: To draw a line that is 37 units long, activate the Line tool, click to set one end point, begin to drag with the mouse in the intended direction, then type “37” and press Enter.

If you want to create a guide line that is 5 units in from an existing edge, activate the Guide tool, click (and release) on the edge, begin to drag in the direction you want, then type “5” and press Enter.

You can apply this same technique when moving entities. For example you could select one edge of a rectangle, activate the Move tool, click on the edge, begin to drag in the intended direction, then type “45” and press Enter to move the edge (and thus stretch the rectangle) by 45 units.


But all tools respond to keyboard input.
So start drawing a line, then let go of the mouse and type the length you want and hit Enter/Return.


Take a look at this topic:


You can edit a created box with the scale tool and type exact dimensions (including units) ,instead of scale factor


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