Materials on furniture

Hi Guys, Im wanting to put blue leather on a chesterfield sofa, Ive found a great one in the warehouse, but every time I try to use a material it gets rid of the detail in the sofa. Do you have any advice on how this can be done properly?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Lounge.skp (659.5 KB)

Did that work @DaveR , sorry Im a newbie here lol

Yes. What detail are you referring to? The buttons?

Yes the buttons :slight_smile:

The buttons are part of the texture image, they aren’t actual geometry. If you replace the texture image with the leather texture, you’ll lose the buttons because that blue leather texture doesn’t have any buttons.

This is what the material with the buttons looks like.

Oh I see that makes sense, So maybe I should search a texture image with buttons?

Yes. Or model the couch so it has buttons as geometry.

Ok Great!! Thankyou so much!

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You can also try to edit the colour of the texture in the Materials tray.

We use a Greyscale Texture as graphic representation of the Tufting to keep file size small for Construction Drawings. Hope this helps the discussion.
2D Tufting

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